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Project Description
WhatsAPI.Net for Windows RT Version
Forked from :

In this project i am also using PclContrib which can be downloaded in : which some modify to be align with whatsapp platform requirement .

all development progress will written in my blog :, but sorry currently will only in Bahasa :D
Note : Currently i am still on progress to doing this project. anyone can contribute to this project


There is issue in create key for generating registration token, maybe there is anyone who had expert in cryptography ?


Sample to Use : 



public static string Nickname = "Matrix";
        public static string Sender = "xxxxxx"; // Mobile number with country code (but without + or 00)
        public static string Password = "xxxxx";//v2 password
        public static string Target = "xxxxxxx";// Mobile number to send the message to

        public static WhatsApp WhatsApp = new WhatsApp(Sender, Password, Nickname, true);




await App.WhatsApp.Connect();           

await App.WhatsApp.Login();            

await App.WhatsApp.SendNickname(App.Nickname);



var usrMan = new WhatsAppUserManager();            

var tmpUser = usrMan.CreateUser(App.Target, "User");            

App.WhatsApp.Message(tmpUser.GetFullJid(), "Halo");           




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